Water for life

With the climate crisis and extreme weather conditions in several places around this world and sometimes combined with extreme droughts, this series of photos with the theme “Water for life” draws our attention to this. The intention is that this makes us think, how big is my
ecological footprint on this beautiful earth that we have received as a gift to care for. How do we live in responsibility for taking good care of this beautiful creation?

The photos are available for exhibition and/or for sale, to make us aware of how we treat our planet and how this influences climate and water.

Send a message if you are interested in exhibiting the photo series ‘Water for life’.

Author: Marika Rentier

My passion is to photograph people, beautiful landscapes, beauty of nature and interesting foods. I already had my first camera at the age of 11 and was always photographing everyone and everything. I also like to capture the beauty and diversity of different cultures. I grew up in South Africa, a world in a country in terms of cultures and natural beauty. From there my passion to photograph them. From capturing family moments, to the precious time after the birth of your baby, or the milestones of your child's first years, - everything is possible. A tailor-made photo session, at your home or on location. I also like to think along with you. Send me a not with your wishes and I can create a suitable package for you.

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